Baybayin Kamay – PreFilipino Art by Kristian Kabuay
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Baybayin Kamay
Baybayin Kamay
Baybayin Kamay
Baybayin Kamay
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Baybayin Kamay

Baybayin Kamay



This includes consultation, artwork, and translation starting at $29.99 (USD) for 1 word. I’ll send you a high resolution graphic file within about 7 business days (large/complicated custom orders will take a bit longer). You can print it and take it to your local tattoo artist. 

*Please add your word(s) in the notes section when checking out or the order may be delayed

It's important for me that you understand the cultural identity of Baybayin. I don't want you to have something that just looks cool, although it is. You need to understand the context of the script and how it relates to our pre-colonial past. The purpose a tattoo is to have something personal, right?  

About Baybayin Kamay
Kamay means "Hand" in Tagalog. I'll use custom mixed ink and a brush to write your words. After it's dry, I'll scan the artwork and email it to you. Please note that because this is 100% hand written, there may be slight variations of brush size, thickness, and alignment. You can have your tattoo artist move things around to fit your body part or fill in to make it a bit more solid as in some of the photos. If you want something 100% unique, go with this. 

*if you want something "cleaner" and "even" like a font, do not order this. Select a digital style.  

Prices for 1 direction (horizontal or vertical layout)
29.99 per word

$5 extra for horizontal and vertical